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TaxChopper Pro for Tax Professionals 2018
Maximum Refund Guaranteed - Maximum Refund Delivered!
This is the same engine, under the Netfile program, that has served Canadians for years. We have always guaranteed the maximum refund for our clients, and we have actually delivered it.
Integrated Family Returns
Preparing family returns is as easy as preparing returns for individuals. All transfers, medical expenses and other credits can be claimed seamlessly.
Most returns can be prepared within minutes. Shared T-slips, capital transactions and businesses profiles save time and reduce typing errors.
It's Online
You can work on any computer at any location, as long as you have Internet access. You can have co-workers working under the same license at the same time. Furthermore, you don't need to keep piles of client files; we do it for you. We maintain the database so you can have more time getting more business.
Your clients' data are organized in an easy-to-present way; with one or two clicks you will see everything a client has. As a matter of fact, most of your clients will have only a few screens, so it is easy to double-check and make adjustments.

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